Fee Schedule

Weekly and monthly tuition options available.

We also accept private pay and some insurance options for clinical treatment services.  Please contact us for pricing and details.

Hours of Service

PEAK Child Learning Center is open Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm as well as appointment only Saturday and Sunday hours.

Why Us

National Experts Consult Our Team

When you choose us to support your child, you will be embraced within a team containing national experts that lead the entire field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  


Each child's program contains a Ph.D. member of our team.  Not just any Ph.D. but those that have held professor positions at major universities, publishers of many peer-reviewed journal articles, and expert clinicians themselves.  

This is a rare opportunity for elite experts in psychology and behavioral science to participate in the your child's developmental process.  

Don't settle for less.


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Saint Louis, Missouri 63146





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