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Lindsey Holtsman

Center Director

Lindsey has her degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri - Columbia. She is currently working towards her BCBA. She has over 8 years of experience working in the field as a behavior analyst.


Dr. Becky Barron


Dr. Barron has many years of experience working with children with autism and related disabilities and their families. She has also trained many university students and future practitioners in contemporary and best-practice ABA approaches. 


Dr. Barron has worked as a clinical director for an autism center and research clinic, and has published single subject and group design research on PEAK. She also has experience working with communities to ensure appropriate access to ABA intervention. 

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Lisa Millage


Lisa is an ASHA (American Speech - Language - Hearing Association) certified and Missouri State licensed Speech Language Pathologist who has worked in the field of ABA in various settings since 2008. 

She is also a Level 2 Certified PEAK Implementer.

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Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt

Case Consultant


Dr. Rehfeldt is a world famous scholar of behavior analysis.  Her work with autism, language, and social development has been published in every single scientific journal in the field.

Ruth Anne is also the author of multiple books on human learning, autism, and behavioral science.  She has built and managed multiple autism centers and clinics over the past two decades.


Dr. Mark R. Dixon

Case Consultant


Dr. Dixon is one of the highest published authors in the entire field of behavior analysis.  His work/expert opinions have been featured in Newsweek, Time, National Public Radio, and many other global media outlets.  

Mark is also the author of both the PEAK and AIM curriculums, and has worked with 100s of children with autism over the past twenty years.


Dr. Autumn McKeel

Case Consultant


Dr. McKeel is a Level 3 PEAK trainer, former professor, and owner of Emergent Learning DSM-Ankeny Clinic.


Autumn was one of the original researchers on PEAK, and her work is cited repeatedly throughout the scientific community.  She conducted the first Randomized Controlled Trial on PEAK, and subsequent work explored building complex language skills. 

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Laura M. Garrett


Laura is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with ten years of experience in the public and school setting. She recently completed the coursework to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyist. Additionally, she has worked in a consultative role to support staff and parents to coordinate research based treatments for individuals. Laura is also  level 1 certified in PEAK.


Dr. Ann Renken 


Ann has her PhD in experimental psychology. She has 19 years of experience as an experimental psychologist in higher education, and is now completing her coursework and practicum to become a BCBA. She is experienced in school-based intervention addressing challenging behaviors in preschool and lower-division elementary.                                 

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Kathy Roustio


Kathy has 30 years of teaching experience and a master’s degree in education. She is PEAK Two certified and currently working on her BCBA certification.


Sara Willis 


Sara has her associates in Early Childhood Education. She taught at a Montessori school for four years prior to her extensive experience in ABA. Sara has been working in the ABA field since 2013 and has been an RBT since 2016.


Brittney Carr


Brittney has her Master of Social Work from the Washington University in St. Louis. She has been practicing social work for several years, working with a range of diagnoses. She taught kids in early education, done therapy for adults with dementia, and been a case manager for older adults and adults with disabilities. 


Jennifer Moore


Jennifer earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri St. Louis. She has ten years of professional experience in residential treatment serving children with emotional and behavioral disorders and children on the autism spectrum.


Anne Glessner


Anne has worked in the education field since 2001, teaching high school students both in the traditional and online settings. She started in the ABA field in the Spring of 2018 working in the high school setting.


Katelyn Sitton 


Katelyn earned her BS in Psychology from Truman State University. She has over eight years of experience working with children with various disabilities. She completed an internship at a residential behavioral center working with children in the autism unit as well. 

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Katie Franke


Katie has been working in education since 2003, and has been implementing ABA since 2006. She has experience as a classroom teacher and as an ABA implementer in a variety of settings, including both home and school, from early childhood to seniors in high school.


Kaitlyn Raith 


Kaitlyn is a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, earning her BA in Psychology. She has 2 years of research experience, mainly in clinical psychology and cognitive neuropsychology. Kaitlyn also just finished up an internship at Fulton State Hospital during Spring 2019.


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