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The Differences

Ph.D.-Level Scientists

There are many BCBAs, but a relatively few who also hold PhDs.  Even less that are both scientists and clinicians.  Expect the highest level of expertise for your child's case conceptualization.

Structured Evidence-Based Curriculum

PEAK and AIM are structured intervention programs that have been proven to work.  Proof found in the peer-reviewed literature, not just anecdotal         endorsements.

Dedicated Center

Greater intervention gains occur in clinic settings when compared to home.  Get your home back, and bring your child to a specialized learning environment.  

Specialized Intensive Services

We believe in an intensive structured work approach to intervention.  Doing so produces meaningful gains in surprisingly short time periods. 

Targeted Graduation Dates

We strive for a 2 year intake-to-discharge cycle.  At 18 months of intervention, we begin the fading process, and only when necessary would push for supplemental services or transitions to other intervention options. 



Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is considered an evidence-based treatment approach for persons with autism and related disabilities.  ABA is also effective at improving academic and cognitive abilities in neurotypical children. 

The PEAK Curriculum is the most extensively researched type of ABA intervention.  PEAK has been shown to be reliable and valid, and has documented treatment outcomes for individuals and groups of children.  What makes PEAK so effective?  Its relatively novel approach to ABA.  Using the principles of Relational Frame Theory instead of exclusively relying on traditional verbal behavior approaches, PEAK takes kids further - faster.  LEARN MORE ABOUT PEAK

The AIM Curriculum is a creative blend of mindfulness, ACT Therapy, and ABA.  Together they produce a fun experiential approach to learning to live with emotions, fears, anxiety and worry.  Overcoming such shortcomings can occur when kids learn how to live in the present, and let the chatter of their minds fade away.  LEARN MORE ABOUT AIM.

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